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Craps simulator benefits for online gamblers

Craps simulator basic information There are quite a few craps simulators that can be found on the market today. They provide enormous advantage to these individuals who are not familiar with the game at all and does not have a lot of practice, which is enough to start gambling for real money. This is where […]

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Basic Craps rules and game description for your successful game

Main Craps rules and most important of them Craps is a game that is known from times of ancient Egypt. Nowadays, modern Craps rules let everyone play this game. If to speak about the origin of the name of Craps – it is unknown. Some sources say that the origin is French, and basically it […]

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Craps online for beginners – play like a Pro

Most of the time people describe this game like something unbelievable. For them it’s hard to understand how to win at craps for beginners if you even don’t know what is this. People always feel confused when they meet such unknown combinations of words like come-out roll, odds bets, shooter, snake eyes, betting on the […]

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Craps odds – play craps for real money and get amazing rewards.

Craps can be a frightening game for a beginner. It seems that there are about a hundred different types of bets on the table, with many professional players. However, the game is interesting and worth playing. What are the odds in craps and possible payouts Craps has a lot of different types of bets. Some […]

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Choose the best craps strategy for money winning

How to win at craps Craps is one of the varieties of gambling, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, craps is still very popular, a huge contribution to which was made by cinema, in particular the famous James Bond films. Many players try to find their own craps strategy that […]

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