Basic Craps rules and game description for your successful game

Main Craps rules and most important of them

Craps is a game that is known from times of ancient Egypt. Nowadays, modern Craps rules let everyone play this game. If to speak about the origin of the name of Craps – it is unknown. Some sources say that the origin is French, and basically it was given from the name of a real crab. If to look more at the history of the home, than in the 18th century there was such a game, that was called Hazard.

Description and rules for Craps

The game is a table on which bets are made. The first in Craps game rules is to roll two dice. All basic Craps rules start with the fact that all the players at the table play in turns. The game functions thanks to two dice – hexagons, with a different number of points on each side of the dice.

The player picks up two dice and starts shaking them, soon throws them, and they fall arbitrarily, and the numbers that are dropped are read from the top of the dice, which we add up and get the result.

As for additional ones, they are as follows:

  1. A huge betting field where a player can make up to ten bets on one game. If to bet on these bets and also on Odds Bet, then this will give an excellent result;
  2. The main task for play and bets with which would help to deal rules for Craps include layout, payout and rolls. Different numbers can fall out, from two dice in total can be received two to twelve points;
  3. There are rounds in the game, but as for the number of rounds and the length of time that is needed for play, it can vary a lot. Into consideration should be taken the outcome of the rolls of dice. That person who is playing the game should only know that some bets can only be made before the start of the first round. Also, there is another type of bets that can be made after.

In case in the first round drops such numbers as: two, three, seven, eleven or twelve, it symbolizes the end of the round.

After that all winning bets can be paid. As for the losing bets, they are removed. Then it’s a time throw the dice again. In case in the first round there are such numbers as four, five, six, eight, nine or ten (the point),) a special chip is placed on the field with this number.

The probability of winning at Craps

It`s rater important to know the probability of winning different bets in order to play. Players should remember that it’s not a roulette, so the share of winnings from any type of bet is not the same. In case with Craps there is a different probability of winning and profitability for the player from different bets. In total there are 36 drop options.

The very important fact to remember about craps rules is that each throw of the dice is not connected with the previous one, it should be noted that these combinations appear only with a long-term game.

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