Choose the best craps strategy for money winning

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How to win at craps

Craps is one of the varieties of gambling, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, craps is still very popular, a huge contribution to which was made by cinema, in particular the famous James Bond films. Many players try to find their own craps strategy that suits their style of play, while ensuring a high chance of winning. The novice player is advised to adhere to the basic craps strategy. Although it will not bring maximum wins, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of losing.

Not surprisingly, any novice player cares about how to win at craps. The answer is extremely simple – user needs to clearly know the rules of the game, especially the types of bets. The wise use of this knowledge is one of the main secrets of advanced craps strategy.If speak in details, there is a fairly large number of bets in craps, each of which gives different chances of winning. However, for a novice player it is very important to prevent a major loss. Therefore, the best craps strategy will be to place bets that will reduce the opposite sides probability to win.

Example of strategy

Placing a maximum bet is the key to any winning strategy. Craps bet has a chance only in an online casino, try to always use this opportunity. This leads to the main tip: choose the best online casino. If a player bets $ 10 on Pass Line, then many casinos will allow to bet only $ 20 on Odds.

The online game refers to a first-class casino, on the other hand, it will allow to bet up to $ 30 on Odds. So for the best chance of winning in craps, user should look carefully at the craps rules in the selected casino, do not rush to play in the first casino found, which will not leave a chance of winning – this is the main craps strategy.

Example of strategy

Don’t Pass Line craps betting strategy gives the greatest advantage for the player. The participant wins with 2 or 3 and loses with 7 or 11 (12 brings a draw in which the casino retains its advantage). If Point is set, the one who bet on Don’t Pass wins if the one who bets gets 7 before Point-a falls out. A bet on the Don’t Pass field has a casino advantage of only 1.36%.

At the same time (for comparison), the bet on Pass Line/Come comes with a casino advantage of 1.41%. But user has to be prepared that if this is a live game, then the rest of the players will not be particularly happy that they have bet against them. In the online game, such a problem does not arise.

Example of strategy

The five-point advanced craps strategy works according to the following principle: the first time a shooter throws a Point, it counts for 1 point, followed by three more rolls for each point. If Point fails as a result of the fifth throw, then user should get 5 points.

If not, he adds the 5th point to the total number of points at the time the shooter rolls Point. Once a player reaches 5 points, he can place bets. User should start the counting anew while moving to a new shooter.

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